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When it comes to long term house rentals in Perth Western Australia factors to consider including price and location near Perth services are listed below:

  1. Location location location.
    1. Is the rental near your work place?
    2. Near schools?
    3. Near good public transport options?
    4. Near shops?
    5. Near medical clinics or Perth hospitals?
    6. Near sporting facilities such as:
      1. Parks
      2. Public pools
    7. Environmentally nice places:
      1. Near Perth beaches?
      2. Near rivers or lakes?
      3. Near natural bush land?
  2. Price of long term rental houses in Perth. Is the house rental price under or over $500 per week? Under or over the median rental price compared to other houses in the same Perth suburb?
  3. Size of long term rental houses. Dollars per square meter?
  4. Garden:
    1. Size of the rental property/garden.
    2. Is the garden soil good?
    3. Is the garden reticulated for ease of watering?
    4. Is the house garden walled and private
  5. Car parking options. House for rent in Perth with a double garrage.
  6. House for rent in Perth with solar panels to save on electricity costs and or a house with a solar hot water heater. Or are theses overshadowed by big trees.
  7. Fair and friendly landlord or real estate agent.
  8. Speed at which real estate agents get house problems fixed.
  9. Can you rent a house with high speed internet access in Perth? Is the rental connected better by fiber to the curb or not as good, fiber to the node.
  10. It there a TV roof antenna with a TV wall socket in the bedroom as well as the lounge area?
  11. How far away from mobile phone towers is the rental? Is phone reception near your rented house good?
  12. How close the house it to neighbouring houses?
  13. Proximity of the Perth CBD. Usually the closer, the more expensive house renting in Perth is.
  14. Passive solar design of the house. Is it north facing for warmth in winter?
  15. Are the floors tiled or carpet?
  16. If it is a 2 storey house for rent in Perth, how are your knees?
  17. What’s the house security/safety like?
    1. Dead locks on doors?
    2. Were the house keys and door locks changed after the last tennants or maybe they’ve still got door key copies?
    3. Are there electrical circuit breakers (RDC) protcting you and your valuable household electronic goods?
    4. Does the household fire alarm work?
    5. Is it a house rental with a security alarm system and how good is the security system?
    6. Do fly screen doors and windows double as security doors and windows.
  18. House insulation considerations:
    1. Are the walls double brick?
    2. Is there a thick layer of insulation above the ceiling.
    3. Are there any signs such as mould on walls which might indicate roof leaking problems or is the roof made of asbestos?
  19. Was the rental used as a drug lab and if so has it been decontaminated?
  20. Size of house rooms.
  21. Noise near Perth houses.
    1. What are the neighbours like?
    2. Is the house a good distance from Perth’s busy roads?
    3. Is the rental in a gated community or quiet cul-de-sac or near a busy street corner or hill frequented by hoons?
    4. Is there a big building construction project such as building a hotel planned next-door?
house for sale Perth WA
House For Sale Perth. An option to long term house renting in Perth.

In summary, it’s best to ask the questions listed above in long term house renting criteria before committing thousands of dollars in a bond for house renting in Perth WA

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