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Perth hotel marketing and hospitality marketing Perth-wide is about revenue, not about how much you invest in marketing. Your hotel in Perth has an online marketing budget, even if you don’t think so. Commissions hotels in Perth pay to online travel agents are indirect marketing.  What OTAs spend in their digital marketing to provide your bookings, you repay them in commissions, plus their margin.

Hotel marketing in Perth has an alternative to commissions hotels pay to OTAs. Investing in hotel digital marketing your own Perth hotel website:

  • reinforces your Perth hotel brand marketing, not the OTA’s.
  • you won’t have to spend every year for each guest. When new and repeat guests book via your Asian hotel website, you’re building loyalty. Guests know your site / your contact/booking information. You know their contact information.

The scenario of diverting commissions of 10 rooms from OTAs to your your own hotel marketing in Asia:

OTAs sell your rooms @ $100 per night taking $20 commission.
Your hotel booking engine only takes $4, saving you $16. If you sold these 10 rooms directly from your own hotel site you’d save $16 per room per day. To ensure guests book directly via your site, discount rooms $1.

$15 x 10 rooms x 365 days of the year. Your marketing budget ploughed back into your own site’s web marketing for brand marketing and loyalty is  $46,500 pa.


A full-screen chart is on the “PerHot” tab spreadsheet via Data source for the above Perth hotel site popularity stats come from Alexa, which is owned by the richest man in the world. Example
What is your hotel site popularity? When Alexa reports “No data” it means your website is outside the world’s top 30 millionth in rankings. ie lost in Cyberspace. If your Perth hotel marketing manager is not reporting your KPI of site popularity then contact Ben on mobile phone number 0418 958 799. I’ll track and send free monthly website analysis reports to your Perth hotel marketing executive/s, free of charge.

Digital Hotel Marketing Perth WA

The types of digital marketing for Perth hotels we specialise in are:

  1. SEO for hotels in Perth and Western Australia wide. Includes improving the quality score of landing pages to drive down the CPC for online advertising campaigns.
  2. All SEO for Perth hotels clients of my SEO Perth business get free, natural, high quality, high PR/PA/UR dofollow backlink juice from not only this site but also my other Perth accommodation sites and from my other popular Perth sites.
    Example ref: Alexa, owned by the richest man in the world, is the data source for the chart above. If your hotel site is lost in Cyberspace, ie instead of a popularity ranking number showing “No data”, then phone me for a free introductory digital marketing for Perth hotels analysis, strategy recommendation consultation
  3. Independent digital marketing consultation setting KPIs for your inhouse or outsourced digital marketing agency.
  4. Lobbyist helping Perth hotel marketing managers convince old, tight hotel CFOs that investing more in the hotel’s digital marketing budget is a better value than other forms of marketing in the traditional marketing mix.
  5. Google My Business improvement. Is your accommodation business making the most of the big Google free-kick of GMB?

SEM for Perth Hotels

While search engine marketing is not our specialty if you do set-up pay per click marketing for your Perth hotel including landing pages. There are only two scenarios when people search for your hotel brand name:

  1. ? You are showing a PPC ad for your hotel along the lines of “Official Site, Book Direct, More info.” You get the click and convert them on your hotel site.
  2. ? OTAs and resellers have no competition from you for their ads offering “Best Rate Guaranteed, No Cancellation Fee, More info!” OTA get the click and sells your room, making 15-20% commission, some of which they invest in more targeting of your hotel brand name.

Perth hotel marketing manager’s job is:

  1. DIGITAL MARKETING AUDITS FOR HOTELS IN PERTH. Working with hotel executives in Perth including GMs, CFOs and hotel marketing managers and their outsourced digital marketing agency executives by at least setting digital marketing KPIs and affordable monthly reports for Perth hotel marketing executives, directors/hoteliers. Forget about expensive Big Four consultancy services. They’re slow to respond and lack innovation.
  2. Helping Perth hotel HR managers and hotel marketing managers in Perth with an independent assessment of the performance of hotel digital marketing staff and or outsourced digital marketing agencies. You might think their hotel marketing is good but it might be the case that it could be so much better.
  3. Digital marketing strategy consultations with hotel executives in Perth.


We also provide digital hotel marketing strategy consultation and professional development for hotel marketing managers and senior hotel executives in Asia because on and we’re organic SERP first for competitive phrases such as:

  1. hotel marketing singapore
  2. hotel marketing thailand
  3. hotel marketing perth
  4. hotel marketing malaysia
  5. hotel marketing bali
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  7. hotel marketing bangkok
  8. hotel marketing asia still Google organic SERP first for decades.
  9. hotel marketing australia still on page one
  10. hotel marketing dubai.
Hotel marketing Asia.
Hotel marketing Asia.
  1. Check digital marketing strategy limited by franchisors on Perth hotel franchisee restrictions if any. Present a case for Perh hotel franchisee bigger scope to market Perth hotels, events and destinations near hotels, perhaps even with stand-alone website/S with better, premium, keyword-rich, exact match domain names like for example near an events venue or when it comes to destination marketing a domain name, for example, is useful.
    1. To provide 50% discounts off the market PPC rate on Perth hotel advertising rates.
    2. Helping hotel marketing managers in Perth with improving landing pages to improve their quality score and therefore the Google Ads cost per click (CPC).
    3. Host Perth hotel exclusive pages on this website in 2019 at a fixed annual rate of $700.
    4. Incorporate advertorial opportunities and other content such as videos among our Perth hotel webpages.
    5. Domain name valuations and helping to negotiate buying of Perth hotel and destination domain names.
    6. If you’d like to find out about winning digital marketing strategy consultations, contact  Ben Grummels now.

What hotel marketing in Perth benefits options?

  1. SIGNIFICANTLY improved revPAR.
  2. Hotel marketing review of your Perth hotel/accommodation website with a comprehensive improvement tips report.
  3. Marketing seminars in Perth with your key Perth hotel marketing executives.
  4. IP control check. Who, what, where, level of access, ownership?
  5. Map marketing. All my digital marketing clients and SEO clients get FREE linked pins on my winning Google maps. Eg:
  6. KPI setting and stats reporting indicating for outsourced digital agencies such as:
    1. Key phrase positioning reports and competitor analysis.
    2. Site popularity ranking reports.
    3. Backlink and broken link reports.
    4. Domain authority report.
    5. Google advertising reports such as CTR.
    6. Social media marketing reports.
    7. A number of people phoning your Perth hotel.
    8. Number of people using Google Maps to get directions to your Perth hotel.
    9.  With confidential login/user, comprehensive or simplified executive summary of Google stats and or Perth hotel server stats such as monthly site visitors, demographics etc.

Hotel Marketing Managers’ Training/Consultations

Hotel digital marketing strategy consultations with Perth hoteliers, hotel marketing managers, hotel CFOs and hotel revenue managers can be by phone or in person. Our hotel marketing specialist travels between our Perth and South East Asian offices. Our Perth hotel marketing office is at Trigg though we do 2 days at our Burswood office. If your hotel has a WordPress site and you want some hands-on SEO to bring your hosting login information (often to popular cPanel) as well as your WordPress logins. The first 20 minutes of online hotel marketing consultation in Perth is free. It starts with a free analysis of your hotel’s home page such as page load speed, a search engine ranking signal, DA and PA reporting etc.

Professional development of hotel marketing managers in Perth should be seen as an investment not a cost.

Hotel marketing consultations Perth
Don’t let risk-averse bean counters stifle innovative hotel marketing.

We provide independent digital marketing audits for any clients in the hospitality industry in Perth Western Australia. This includes hotels in Perth and tourism operators.

Marketing for Perth Hotel Subcontractors and Tour Operators

The best digital marketing in Perth is also available for sub-contractors of Perth hotels and Perth tour operators. This includes, for example, independent tour desks in hotels, shops, and independent restaurants in hotels, tour operators that pick up guests from Perth hotels. For example, guided Swan Valley Wine Tours company and marketing for all sorts of other services in Perth hotels.

Example dofollow linked banner ad for the best Perth tour company which picks hotel guests up from Perth hotels for a great day trip out of Perth.


Call experienced, lead digital marketing consultant Ben on phone number 0418-958-799.
PERTH ADDRESS: POB 334 Scarborough, Western Australia, 6922

Perth Hotel Familiarisation Tours

With an invitation for a familiarisation tour (Fam tour), there are more Perth hotel marketing benefits:

  1. Content production of VR photos and VR video production in Perth.
  2. Video marketing. Your Perth hotel video on our Youtube channels which have had over 2 million views.
  3. All hotel marketing clients for any hotel marketing service package get a free linked pin on our Google map of Perth hotels which is Google organic SERP first for that phrase and “google map hotels perth”.


Our marketing is not limited to hotels in Perth. We’re keen to help all tourism businesses Perth wide recover from covid era problems. This includes help for tourism operators who provide things to do in Perth. We’re currently offering discount online marketing for Perth hotels and other tourism businesses in Perth. This includes cheaper online advertising rates, cheaper digital marketing and cheaper SEO prices for tourism businesses. Even bigger marketing discounts for tourism organisations and free digital marketing for charities hotels and tourism businesses support.



THE GRAND LIFE book by Patrick Griffin
THE GRAND LIFE book by Patrick Griffin OAM

The Grand Life is a must-read book written by Patrick Griffin OAM for anyone but especially people in the hotel industry. Patrick received his order of Australia for service to the hotel industry of Australia. Patrick was the president of the Australian Hotels Association. Since about 2002 one of my web pages has been Google first for “hotel marketing australia” and by coincidence, I met Patrick while he was building a house on the Mekong River bank in 2012, about 3 km from our house. After leading a grand life in Hua Hin, Thailand, Patrick moved to Darlington in Perth where I grew up. For years Patrick told me of his wonderfully interesting adventures from his interesting grand life, the grand people he met, and the funny exchanges and experiences of his life.

Patrick is still on the speaking circuit, presenting at functions like hotel openings and gala dinners. He speaks about his special experiences as a luxury hotel manager in Australia where he set the benchmark for luxury hotels.

You just gotta buy THE Grand Life book.

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