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2021 Best Perth Hotel Support Service Businesses

List of sub-contracting support businesses for Perth hotels in 2021



Let your local Perth escort show you a good time at a good restaurant in the Swan Valley. They are professional independent tourism operators in Perth providing personal services which are marketed by Escorts Australia.

Collect and drop off at Perth hotels is Perth’s best tour operator, Unwind Tours which specialise but is not limited to fabulous guided food and wine tours of the Swan Valley.

Wine Tours Swan Valley


Luxury hotelier Perth
Patrick Griffin. Book aurthor and speaker.

Ben Grummels offers a range of Perth digital marketing services for hotels in Perth. Digital marketing services include winning, the best value, expert SEO in Perth to help Perth hotel marketing managers. Hotel marketing in Perth starts with KPI setting for your current outsourced hotel digital marketing agency.
Free web analysis offered with free introductory digital marketing consultation for Perth hoteliers. Contact us 4 Web Marketing, Google organic SERP first “hotel marketing australia“.

Free Perth hotel site popularity tracking service. Just ask Ben and I’ll track your hotel’s site popularity about every 6 weeks free of charge. If your hotel marketing manager is not sending you a monthly report on this hotel marketing KPI, then I will free of charge. All you need do is ask me.

While Patrick Griffin’s new 2021 book The Grand Life is not focused on marketing it sure is a fun and interesting read by a past president of the Australian Hotels Association. Patrick was awarded an Order of Australia (OAM) for his service the hotel industry in Australia. Patrick has lived in Perth for years. He does profession speaking and would be the perfect guest speaker for the pre-opening/opening of a luxury hotel in Perth. Patrick set the benchmark in luxury hotel standards.


Other professional services for Perth hotels includes:

Perth’s only MOBILE bank is now accepting Perth hotel banking clients. Ziksu is one of the first MOBILE banks in Australia to be endorsed by the RBA. Ziksu is a Perth based bank with an office on Murray Street in the Perth CBD, over the road from the Australian Federal Police HQ, so security is no problem. When it comes to online security your hotel banking is safe with the best and latest blockchain technology.

  1. ACCOUNTING SERVICES FOR PERTH HOTELS. Why depend on the big four auditing and accounting services for Perth hotels when fast affordable local Perth accountants can get the job done. Pat O’Shea’s for affordable very good accounting services and advice for Perth hotel bookkeepers and Perth hotel accountants.
    1. Commercial-grade wireless hot spots for hotels in Perth
    2. Internet Access Controllers (IACs) for Perth hotels.
    3. Central Access Services (CAS) subscriptions
    4. Fax and SMS Service.


Window cleaning for Perth hotels. With so much glass and Perth’s dusty environment, exposing a clear view of Perth’s skyline is essential for Perth hotel guest satisfaction and to avoid bad hotel reviews.

Perth hotel transport WA services.

Perth hotel transport WA services.

Perth cabinetmakers for new or cabinet fitouts, cabinet repairs or cabinet replacements in Perth hotels.

Some hotel guests still watch free to air TV. If you want the best TV reception and avoid bad hotel reviews, get Fletch to not only install new DIGITAL TV antennas but also install TV access points in hotel rooms.


Stainless steel and aluminium welding for Perth hotels.

Beautiful hotel balustrades Perth

Best, experienced, insured roofing company Perth. New roofs, metal wall cladding. roofing insulation. Roofing Perth Hotels. Roof replacements, roof repairs.

A Delta roofer providing roofing services for Perth hotels.

Service Vehicle Modifications for Perth Hotels

Quality designed, made and fitted service vehicle modifications for Perth hotels.

If your Perth hotel services business would like a promotional listing on this 2021 Perth hotel support businesses web page then contact me.

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